Fancy writing some reviews for a real paper?

Debbie Davies who writes a music column for several East Anglain papers is after some help reviewing the CDs which is she sent (thanks, at least in part, to R*E*P*E*A*T readers). She can't pay you but I'm sure you'll get to keep the CDs and if you're interested in music journalism as a career then this experience will be invaluable. As is writing for a grass roots cut'n'paste anarcho bloshevik fanzine, of course, so don't forget to send us your stuff too.

Debbie is also always looking for local bands to write about, so if you want some free publicity, you know what to do!

Get in touch with Debbie at the address below



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From: "Davies, Debbie"

> Hi, do you know anyone who would do some reviews for me (singles mostly).I can't pay them anything, but would give them a credit. I keep receiving
cds, but don't feel I have enough musical knowlege to do them justice. It may be that you are getting all the stuff that's coming to me and have done them anyway.