R*E*P*E*A*T Records Greatest (Own) Goals

To 'celebrate' ten years of R*E*P*E*A*T, we are hoping to organise a spectacular gig with a galaxy of mega stars and a all sorts of rock'n'roll excess. Either that or I'll go for a walk along the river. At whichever event we hold, we'll be giving out a very limited CD (also available with the next issue, but not in the shops) of what we consider our greatest hits. Here's a provisional running order, comments welcomed as are suggestions for a title, continuing the theme of combining local place names with hard hitting rap album titles; compilations to date include Straight Outta Cottenham, It takes a Nation Of Miltons, Fear of a Black Kennett and The Dustbin of Histon. Anyone suggesting the title we use will win a rather special prize!

Proposed Track Listing:

1) Freeboy : Patrick

2) The Saffs : Supercharger

3) Alcopop : Last of the Secret Agents

4) The Virgin Suicides - Nobody Filming *

5) Pala - Never Come

6) Neo - Die In America

7) The Saffs - TV Riot

8) Return of Id - Chevrolet

9) Porthole - Never Have the Time

10) Miss Black America - Drowning By Numbers

11) Hofman - Pedestrian

12) The Saffs - Dr Jones

13) Freeboy - Down With You

14) The Dawn Parade - Hole in my Heart

15) Miss Black America - All I Want Is Out

16) Australian Foxy Ramone featuring Sarah McPanic Ramone - The Locomotion *

17) The Saffs - Pamela Anderson

18) Neo - I Don't Like Mondays*

19) The Virgin Suicides - Elizabeth Royal

* = previously unreleased!

What do you think of that then?

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