4 Poems by Cotton

Rude Bwoy

I've got bare rhymes,
You get me?
I wear my baseball cap with the peak as flat,
As you can get see?
I want to be a producer bwoy,
I am the lyrical inducer,
Me live in de ghetto,
Of a small rural town,
Come to me cul-de-sac,
An I shoot you down,
Cos me is de ruffest!
And me is de tuffest!
Me is de baddest!
And me is de buffest!
I like to use long words,
Don't know what they mean,
I'm a pestiferous Pythagorean,
I look it up in de dictionary,
The oxford concise,
Means I'm noxious and pestilent,
And pernicious - nice!
My lyrics add up like the Greek mathematician,
I'm into de flow,
Do you see my position?
My words they is poison,
Like toxoplasmosis,
They move through your body now,
In a process like osmosis,
My pronunciations,
Shit on your lyrical communications,
You get the picture?
In my verbs as they hit ya?
I got all de bitches,
I'm drippin in bling,
My only interest is my own ting!
Hear my voice,
The youth of today,
And you will find,
I ain't got nothing to say,
I big up meself,
I big up me yard,
I only chat lyrics so you think that I'm hard,
Actually I'm about as gangsta,
As my younger brothers hamster!
If only I could look at the world and see all the wrong,
Realise my talent and the power of song,
Use my words for education,
Spread the message to the nation,
But I don't care about that shit,
Just guns and bling and lickin clit,
My cocks the biggest,
Car's the fastest,
Cap's the flattest,
Makes me the smartest,
And as this country goes up in smoke,
It's clear to see I'm a fucking joke.


Spare Any Change?

Excuse me ladies and gents,
Just five minutes of your time?
And I know you're on your way home,
On the silverlink line,
But I'm just trying to raise a little money,
To get a crack house for the night,
Or I'll have to suck cock for white crystals,
For my scuzzy old pipe,

It's oh so cold outside,
But in my ten bag it's warm,
The fire's glowing brown,
And the curtains are drawn,

Can you spare us fifty pence?
To get a can of brew,
With milk and two lumps of Valium,
I don't want to sell my shoes!

So have some Christmas spirit!
Have some Christmas cheer!
Give me all your spare change,
So I can buy drugs and beer!
Do you feel better now?
With your generosity,
Now I'm in the gutter now,
In a pool of my own wee,

So thank you for helping me,
Not to feel the cold,
Cos I might have hypothermia,
And look a hundred years old,
But with the help of your money,
I'm numb to the pain,
As my life ebbs away,
The world remains the same.


A little bit of haiku…

My world consists of books and wires:
For making bombs and starting fires,
Explosions of music,
Igniting desires.


Toad in da Road

One day I was strollin',
And there in the road,
I stumbled and fell and tripped over a toad,
"You Bastard! My Arm!"
Said the toad in alarm,
"Oooh! Let's have a lick of your belly - it won't do any harm",
Said I for I knew the toad I had hit,
Could make you see things like acid,
But more powerful shit,
"Do that," said the toad,
"You won't get very far",
A point - I was plastered already,
Still pissed from the bar,
"Count yourself lucky it was my foot not my car!
Anyway I think I'll take you home and put you in a jar,
Extract your juices,
Sell 'em to da kids-
You see there's no money in acid,
It don't make you rich!
But toad gets you higher,
(Although slippery to catch),
So difficult to find,
Come on! You've gotta be worth cash?"
"In that case" said the toad,
"I wanna big cut,
Infact what a way to earn a living-
From someone licking your gut!"
"Well…" I said,
"If you want to take that path,
And are so inclined to that way of selling your arse,
My mate's quite into animal sex,
Gone so far as to produce a site on the net!
There's a few empty spots on there as it goes,
Now I'm sure there's potential,
For a hallucinogenic toad,
Rendering his services,
Selling his arse…"
"But that shit's for dogs and donkeys!
Come on have some class!"
Said the toad who by now was a little annoyed,
"You're the kind of person they tell small kids to avoid!"
"Fuck this!" I thought,
I'm being cussed by a toad,
Getting on his high horse in the middle of the road,
Then I took a step back,
Comprehended what I was doing,
Either the drugs had worked quickly,
Or my mind I was losing,
What was happening to me?
Standing in the middle of the road,
Concocting ideas on how to pimp - a toad?!
A conversing amphibian,
That not only talked back,
But had opinions and morals,
About beastiality and that!
Toad juices?
I've had enough!
I'll end here if I may?
There's enough self-righteous slimeballs,
In this world,
For me,
It's not true I had nothing on,
I had the radio on!
And this is my song…

I was snow white but I drifted,
The shoes on my feet,
They're shoplifted,
I recycle my bottles,
Live life full throttle,
I'm a magpie-
I like sparkly things,
If I could have what I want,
I think I'd have wings,
Flutter to a higher place,
Not bother again with the human race,
I prefer dogs anyway,
They sleep and fuck and play all day!
Cats as well - but I can't stand the smell,
Of a litter tray not cleaned out well,
Maybe a monkey,
They like fruit,
But never a penguin wearing a suit,
It would be great to be a fly on the wall,
But they eat shit and that's not all!
An elephant - they've got a big nose,
Imagine the drugs you could fit up those!
Big ears too for listening to tunes,
Dancing under an Indian moon,
But those big feet - stompin away,
They'd squash all the ravers in less than a day!
I think I'll stick to being me,
With lots of raving and nice cups of tea!