They claim their planet’s dying:

that soon it’s going to blow

And so they’re coming here - they say

they’ve nowhere else to go....

With their strange computer voices

and their one eye on a pole

They’re moving in next door and then

they’re signing on the dole.....


Asylum seeking Daleks

are landing here at noon!

Why can’t we simply send them back

or stick them on the moon?

It says here in the Daily Mail

they’re coming here to stay -

The Loony Lefties let them in!

The middle class will pay......


They say that they’re not terrorists:

that doesn’t wash with me!

The last time I saw one I hid

Weeks behind the settee...

Good Lord - they’re pink. With purple bumps!

There’s photos of them here!

Not just extra-terrestial....

The bloody things are queer!


Yes! Homosexual Daleks

And they’re sponging off the State!

With huge Arts Council grants

to teach delinquents how to skate!

It’s all here in the paper -

I’d better tell the wife!

For soon they will EXTERMINATE

Our British way of life.....


This satire on crass ignorance

and tabloid-fostered fear

Is at an end. Now let me give

One message, loud and clear.

Golf course, shop floor or BNP:

Smash bigotry and hate!

Asylum seekers - welcome here.

You racists: emigrate!