A R*E*P*E*A*T Anthem

As so we reach the end of a year, the one that saw the coalition form
We all need a representative voice right now, us, this angry swarm
So where to go, where to find it? Well everyone here knows
That if we want to hear the Gospel just turn to Richard Rose.
We are full of anger, full of ire, sex, subversion, style–
(Yes I know I’ve had to twist that syntax but bear with me a while)
Aesthetically pleasing looks so good they could kill
Thanks to the zeros and ones created by Phil.
And so from our roots in 1994
We have watched this creation soar
Into something with a mind of its own
Sharp and intelligent; that describes the tone.
We’ll pass our ideology down to our daughters and to our sons
Providing they can answer: Chips or Cream Buns?

Amy Britton