Taiwan Tea Party?

Fancy a cuppa? Taiwanese people are being told
to drink less tea to pay for a huge arms deal
with the USA costing US$18 billion (S$30.4
billion). The Defense Ministry has put together
a leaflet urging millions of Taiwanese to drink
less of their traditional pearl tea, so they can
put the money towards the military hardware
instead! The pamphlet shows a cartoon boy
holding a giant plastic cup of tea next to photo-
graphs of a submarine, Patriot anti-missile
systems and submarine-hunting aircraft.
"We can buy top-notch equipment to protect
our country (if) everyone drinks one less pearl
milk tea every week," the ministry said. Oppo-
sition parties have vowed to block the defense
budget, saying the money should be spent on
education and welfare.
'It's very sad that we have to use the milk tea
analogy to seek support for the arms purchase,'
Defence Minister Lee JYE told Parliament.
'But we hope to use the simplest terms to tell
people that the arms budget is not too big,' he
added. Try telling that to the 26% of Taiwanese who live below the poverty line.

From Schnews, September 24th