INME Interview

Jaime Randall caught up with INME when they visited Cambridge Junction at the end of 2005.


J: Right then, How did you get together?

Inme: we got together when we where 12...13.

J. I went on your website earlier, because I basically don't know that much about you. And it said you got signed because some label guy caught the last song of your set and you where only playing that late because a cymbal was broke so you had to wait 30 mins or something like that to go on, do you see that as quite lucky?

Inme: Well we always try to push ourselves. Because if that didn't end well we would have just kept of going till something like that happened again. It wasn't like some label boss walks over and go "hey you guys are good" and puts a record contract in front of you. We had to play in front of loads and loads of records company guys five or six times.

J: How you feeling before tonight's set?

Inme: Yer good man, haven't been to Cambridge that many times on tour.

J: Is this the first date of this tour?

Inme: Yer. Support tonight are really good to, were good friends with the first band on tonight. We seen a few times back at home.

J: So you basically got signed rather young then?

Inme : 18...19

J: you think that's effected you at all?

Inme : Yer for good and bad. One of the bad sides is that there are some people that have always got that age issue and I think for us if helped us to age quicker. Also there are some people that are like "yer this band are good for there age" but we didn'twant to be good for our age we just wanted to be good for being good.

J: Do you Still have that Dragon Shirt from your first video?

Inme: I think I gave all that shit to my brother.

J: That's the only thing I can remember of you guys when you first started it out, was that really awful t-shirt.

Inme: Yer, the blue dragon shirt, haha. If we had ten quid for every fashion disaster we have ever had, we would be rich, rich men by now.

J: So the new album then....any good?

Inme: *laughter*

J: If you were me listening to I, would you enjoy it?

Inme: If we were being honest, our first record was released just after we
got signed so it was an album from people who had been writing songs when they where sixteen. Yer the first album wasn't really an "album", it was just a bunch of songs that we had, this new one we actually sat down and wrote it as an album. We have been sitting on this album for about a year now because of label issues.

J: Are you happy V2 came along?

Inme: Yer it was loads of things really, we just wanted to develop the album a bit more.

J: So what actually happened to "Music For Nations"?

Inme: Well basically we went to LA to record the new album, which turned out to be us recording 3/4 for the album we come back to the news that they had been bought out by BMG and they where just disintegrating the label. We where lucky actually because we got away with the whole album completely free.

J: Are you down with the myspace?

Inme: I'm not too sure what it is, you make your own little website don't you?

J: Well basically everyone outside in that que has one, but the cliché is that everyone on there will be wearing a tight black t-shirt with Avenged Sevenfold on it. It has turned Cambridge into this huge community. Everybody just knows everybody.

J: I was just wondering, after Overgrown Edan you were away from ages. Then you released that one single…

Inme: Faster the chase....It was after that it all went tits up with the label.

J: So it was gonna be after that single the album was gonna come out?

Inme: Yer..the plan was we recorded that and released that while recording
in LA but after the single we came back to our label not being there.

J: Have a good gig tonight guys, can I steal some of your rider?

Inme: Yer sure.

J: Nice one.

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