Interview with Grant Nicholas at Cambridge Junction, 25.10.99
Feeder's persistent hard work, hard edged melodies and hard rockin' shows packed with energy and exuberance have recently slowly but surely earned them the applause they deserve. Having applied to us for "help" several years ago, we've since taken a special interest in thei progress. When we saw them appear on Top of the Pops and then embark on a three week setl out tour where they were welcomed by all the glittery and grimy, spotty and sparkly pop and rock kids of the land who we thought had all gone into hiding, we decided it was time to catch up with Feeder to find out what it's (ike being fully fledged rock gods day in day out. Insomniacs : Rosey and Jo H.

(J) Will you sign this for my friend? It's her tennis dress.
Yeah of course.
(R) While you do that can I ask Feeder - who. what and why?
Basically me. Jon and Take. Why? Because we've been making music since I was ten years old. I'd been writing songs and that. I didn't plan on being a singer I just wanted to play guitar. We formed as Feeder about seven and a half years ago but the original idea of doing this sort of thing began nine or ten years ago. Under a different name, but it was the same kind of format, heavy music with pop melodies. but it took a long long time to get started, It was the time grunge was starting to come in so it took us awhile.

(R) You probably don't remember but about 5 years ago your record company asked us to send out your tapes free to our readers. I bet they're worth a bit now!
I'm trying to think what that could have been -.
(R) It was "Swim". How have things changed for you since then?
Well, its been a long hard fight but we've come through and proved that there is a market for what we're doing, though I still don't think I've reached me goals I set for myself.

(R) Are you ready to walk into the shoes left on the stairs by 3 Colours Red? Or were they borrowing yours?
Well. we formed a long time before them so its kind of weird getting compared to them. But before them it was Smashing Pumpkins, that's just the way it goes. You'll always get compared to someone. And now it's Stereophonics, just because we've had a few songs that are more ballady, even though that side to us has always been there from day one. But as we made it first as a sort of Kerrang! band. thats what people picked up on.

(J) What did you think of the visit of the Chinese President to Britain last week?
Well, I've not really had time to think about it. I've been so tied up with being on tour. I've been in a bubble for the last three weeks, or the last two months or two years really! I've lost touch with everything, it's been so hectic, one thing after another, so I couldn't really comment on it.

(J) Do you like the Manic Street Preachers?
Yes I do, we're playing with them at the Millennium thing in Cardiff, I have a lot of respect for them. They're a band that have been a round for a long time as well. a lot longer than many people expected, and I think they're great, it's always been an ambition of mine to play with them. So I'm really pleased we're going to. Especially in Wales as I was born there and my parents live there, it' II be a fantastic night. Are you going? Its only £30 a ticket.
( R) I don't know. I cant think what I'd rather do but having seen the Manics play in all sorts of tiny shit holes. I worry how I'd react to seeing them In front of 50,000 people…
I know what you mean. but knowing what the Welsh are like, it should be a great atmosphere.
(R) Do you think it'll be similar to playing Stirling Castle with REM?
That was great, it was quite a tough gig as the tickets sold out before we were put on the bill so there were only a few of our fans there, so we
had to work hard to win over the audience but it worked and we went down realty well. And I was quite impressed with REM too: we met some of them but not Michael Stipe who keeps himself to himself, sitting in a comer losing his religion.

(J) Can you tell us something about where you got your name from?
It came from a tong list of names, It was from a fishing term "Swim Feeder" which is where the fish symbol comes from. Some people mistake this for us being Christians but we're not. though the stories which go around about us are quite funny .
(J) I thought you were being sacrilegious.
- No, it's just a name we found that felt right.

(R) What things give you insomnia?
Being In a band! Just the usual day to day stuff- Stress, feeling Inspired, as if your mind is about to explode,it's very hard to switch off. So being creative can make you an Insomniac.
(J) I know all about that with the fanzine. What was it like doing Top of the Pops?
It was funny! There was tots of hanging around. We played totally live on there. For me, it was something I'd seen since I was growing up and after all your friends and family have seen you on Top of the Pops, they start to accept that this Is a real fob. It was fun to do, It's been around for so many years. It's just nice to say we've done it.
(J) I can't remember my last question. Oh yes, have you got a message?
Musically or In general?
(J) In general.
Don't believe everything you read!
(R) That's a good message. So the very last question, what's best chips or cream buns?
Chips, definitely.
(J) Will you sign something else for me?
- Of course. Can I keep this copy of R*E*P*E*A*T?

And of course he could. Thanks to Grant for his time and to Julian at hall or Nothing for sorting things out.