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February 16th - issue 22 of R*E*P*E*A*T available now - look here

February 14th - Welcome Home Loser - exclusive interview with The Broken Family Band's Steven Adams here

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February 3rd - Richey Manic night moved to April 16th, more details to follow

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January 16th New Manic Street Preachers review and pix online here and new archive MSP pix here

January 10th - The Virgin Suicides played on Lamacq live, Radio One

January 10th - The Priscillas interview online here

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December 7th - hatrick! Volunteers played on Radio One's The Lock Up again - look here

November 30th - Impact played on Radio One's The Lock Up again - look here

November 23rd - Mike Davies plays the Impact track from our single on The Lock Up on Radio One - look here

November 22nd - Views on 'The Underground' - conflicting reviews of The Dawn Parade single on line here

November 16th - Chris T-T's 'Tomorrow Morning' played on Radio One on a playlist prepared by John Peel here

November 15th - Steve Lamacq plays Cosy Cosy's 'Drive Drive'on Radio One here.





Singing Horses

Your Ideal Job
Just put in your name

"All We Love Is Lonely Wreckage"
Manic Street Preachers

(More details on gigs page)

NB The Portland Arms is now open!

ChChurch of Noise
The Kambar, Thursday 24 February
Bon Scott 25th Anniversary Special

+++Monday 28th February
Linda's Nephew
The Jessica Question
As The Light Fades

The Portland Arms £3+++

+++Thursday 10th March
An Angular Records Night

Portland Arms

+++Saturday March 19th
Cosy Cosy
The Priscillas

+++Monday March 21st
The Faculty
9 Fold Punch
Army of Me
Portland Arms, £3+++

+++Monday 28th March
A DIY Distro Night
End It On This
kelly 8

Portland Arms, £4+++