Win "Destroy : The Sex Pistols 1977" by Dennis Morris

Today, more than ever, we need a band like The Sex Pistols.

As the world careers towards another mad war and the victims rather than the guilty get the rap, most 'musicians' prefer to immerse themselves in endless guitar noodlings or cosily ironic country ballads. Yet thousands of kids (and some of us grown ups) are crying out for a band to take on this bloated apathy and kick over the statues, to articulate their own inarticulate rage.

Twenty five years ago the Sex Pistols did exactly this, in their own messy, imperfectly perfect way.

"Destroy" is a unique photographic record of this period. Dennis Morris was the band's official photographer and his shots cover such events as the Thames river boat trip, the video shoots, the secret gigs, the Swedish tour and indeed everything up to their departure for America. Documenting the originators of an iconoclastic period in British youth culture, music, fashion and politics in over 170 classic photographs, it is the ultimate Sex Pistols photo book.

And we have a copy of the updated Jubilee version (worth £17.95) for you to win!! To enter, simply tell us what Johnny Rotten said should be done to hippies (If you don't know, make your own suggestion, updating it to the present day if you like - the more imaginative the better!). Mail your answers to by March 23rd.

Thanks to the unprecedented number of people who entered the Idlewild competition, the lucky winner was Marta S of Poland.