R*E*P*E*A*T Anti Xmas Shindig
The Exiles
Cosy Cosy
The Dawn Parade (acoustic)
Australian Foxy Ramone



I can't write about this at length or entirely objectively or even knowledgeable as a lot of the night for me sounded like "four pounds please, would you like a sweet?" as I sat on the door. I just wanted to put on record my thanks to the bands and punters who helped us raise £140 for a local mental health housing trust.

Australian Foxy Ramone began the evening with their punk-pop assault on all things sacred, including "White Christmas", Avril Lavigne and Busted. Guest vocalists Jordan Hacan Ramone (in 'Fight For Your Right To Party') and a totally unrehearsed Greg McDonald in 'The Locomotion' brought a touch of class to the proceedings, and people said it was the best Foxy Ramone performance in ages!

There was a sense of eager anticipation as Greg McDonald took to the stage, for instead of the advertised solo acoustic set, he'd brought the new look Dawn Parade (minus drummer) for their world debut gig. With female harmonies and sax breaks, this line up really showcases the epic Springsteenesque grandeur of Greg's musical vision, bringing new depth to the old songs and tantalizing us with new stuff.

It was hard to imagine Cosy Cosy playing acoustically, but equally hard to tear yourself away. Their unplugged set suggests all sorts of new possibilities for the 'girly boy bangy wangy' stars of our Kennett CD. Just as the early Jesus and Mary Chain revealed the stripped down brilliance of their songs on their acoustic Peel sessions, Cosy Cosy expose the musical genius at the heart of their work. They need a bit more practice and confidence in doing this sort of thing, but here could be a whole new wheel to the Cosy bandwagon. And the Libertines cover was class!

Following all this may have been a tad daunting for The Exiles, but you'd never have known it. They soon had the room rockin to their unique brand of scuzzy fenland tiger rock'n'roll, and they made sense tonight in a way they've not done to me before. "Last Word" was a fitting climax to a joyfully chaotic evening, as Ben hurled himself Kamikaze like into the drum kit*

Thanks again to everyone who played or paid, and to Ainsley for doing the sound and The Portland for havin' us.


ps if anyone has pix of the night, please mail them to me here.


* I nicked that line from Hannah on the MBA guestbook:

Everyone should know how brilliant The Exiles, Cosy Cosy, Australian Foxy Ramone and the new-look but slightly drummerless Dawn Parade are, for being generally great AND raising £140 for the place where Holly works. Especially The Exiles cos I've had 'Last Word' stuck in my head all evening, nicely accompanied with visions of Ben hurling himself in a kamikaze-like way into the drumkit.