TERN- Tern E.P.

Grunge fans everywhere have asked the same question for some time: what in the name of all that is holy has happened to Eddie Vedder? I am proud to reveal that he might just be alive and well and living in Huntingdon. Or at least his cousin twice removed is, singing in a four-piece called Tern who have just released a homage to all things Seattle in the form of a brandspanking E.P.
Although I would understand if at first you don't believe me. As much as I too love Pearl Jam and Alice In Chains, etc., etc., no amount of wishful thinking or outstanding musicianship is going to make opening track "You Owe Me" sound any less like Nickelback or Staind. Passionate anthemic rock at its best, mature music lovers will wet their pants in synchrony whilst listening to this, but that does not make it cool. And let out a huge sigh of relief that the following tracks sound nothing near similar. Cleverly and catchily designed to bring back the age of the go-go dancer, tracks such as "Sleeping Awake" prove that Tern are obviously slaves to melody, not to mention the beat, and the purely simple energetic rock and roll which they so masterfully produce is laced with an unavoidable sexiness, inviting their listeners to stay up all night with them and drink too much whiskey. The shameless groupies should be clamouring for more.

Anna Claxton