The Strollers

A Short Demonstration

Demo CD

Despite being yet another one of 'The Something' bands, The Strollers are eager not to be pigeon-holed as being part of the garage rock revolution. However, having said that opener Modern Man's Son follows the blueprint set by scuzz-merchants such as The Beatings and Hoggboy, which by no means is a bad thing. Just over three minutes of pulsating, rough & ready clatter, Leigh Greenwood's voice works perfectly with the song, an amalgam of Lydon-esque punk rock snarl and Liam G grate.

The Swadlincote-based rockers can do sensitive as well though; If You See Me with its reverb-drenched acoustic guitar intro reminds the reviewer of Back To The Old House / Half a Person - style Smiths, whilst She's Inside Out is catchy as hell, seemingly combining both the Strollers' sensitive and aggro elements. A Short Demonstration? Let's hope there's more to come.

Clive Drew

Both Corporation : Blend and The Strollers play at the New Art Riot club night organised by Clive Drew at at the Colony Club in New Greenham Park, Newbury on June 18th. Mail him here for more details.