Thanks to everyone who came to or played at this gig; we raised £180 to pay for a generator and lights on the Young Performers' Stage at Strawberry fair!

Maverick and Goose
(aka Seymour Glass and Greg McDonald)

Hidden Signal

Tommy Twist and The Jive

Portland Arms, Cambridge, May 31st 2004

(Benefit for Strawberry fair Young Performers' Stage)


"In another couple of weeks, this lot will be on the front of the NME". Sadly this comment on Tommy Twist and The Jive from a well respected and seasoned observer, looks set not to come true, as this was The Twist's first and last gig in Cambridge - they have now split up. Sad indeed, but appropriate too as their perfect poppy songs of summer with a tinge of 50s nostalgia might not have stood up to a bitter winter. You who saw them in their element were lucky indeed.

Tommy Twist pic : Rosey

Hidden Signal have no such plans, and are even broadening their horizons with the addition of a new, and very nervous, singer. This signals (ha ha!)a new direction for the band, who need to think hard how they are to integrate his undoubted talents into their white boy rock-funk sound, while developing some individuality and avoiding becoming just another band.

Hidden Signal Pic : Dickon

The anticipation was palpable when Maverick and Goose took to the stage. Playing a mix of Dawn Parade and Miss Black America songs, along with a few select covers, they pretty soon had the audience eating out of their hands.

pic : Dickon

The stripped down versions of their own songs showed their underlying quality : some observers were believed to mutter that these were the best they'd ever heard the likes of 'Talk Hard', 'Wide As The January Skies' and 'Don't Speak My Mind' played. The combination of the electric and acoustic guitars worked a treat, giving the songs new vitality and meaning.

"This is for Richard Rose who'll shit himself with disgust!"

The cover versions were inspired too, with The Smiths, The Beatles ("this is for Richard Rose who'll shit himself with disgust") and Joy Division all getting a name check. And it all finished with a Billy Joel celebration as the stage was invaded by da kids for a version of 'Uptown Girl'!

Up Town Girls

After the gig, no one wanted to go home and they all hung around for ages plotting and planning, realising that they'd seen something special.

From the Press Release:

In the past 3 years, Miss Black America and The Dawn Parade have established themselves as the two most influential bands in our region, if not the world. Between them they have released 7 singles, one album and 3 videos, have played 376 live dates, have been on MTV 5 times, have recorded 4 Peel sessions for Radio One and have featured 5 times in his Festive 50, have a
Single of the Week in The Independent, have been awarded single of the Year by US media Icons Rolling Stone, have played with The Libertines, The Buzzcocks and Kinesis, Sold out the Boat Race 6 times and have consumed 315 tons of chips. Now, for one night only, you have the chance to see them play together in an intimate venue in aid of the Young Performers Stage of Strawberry fair. Come early

Pic : Sofia