Buzzcocks : Spiral Scratch ep (New Hormones)

This Ep was recorded in 1976, with the original Buzzcocks line-up, and even today, you can't quite match the spontaneous energy and noise onslaught of this classic punk band's first release! BREAKDOWN and TIME'S UP use basic three-chord guitar riffing turned up and one hundred mile an hour drumming as original vocalist Howard DeVoto(in pre-Magazine and pre-Luxuria days, obviously!) shouts and rants about life's vicissitudes and being stood up at the supermarket(I think, but what the hell?. BOREDOM is a true punk classic, the title tells all of the subject matter but this song is far from boring(unlike today's godawful boy bands and gangsta rap rubbish) - the guitar 'solo' is one big UP YOURS to middle-aged rock musos, even now I'm nearing that age myself! Brings back memories of college punk discos and an alternative music club I used to visit - this track was a dancefloor favourite. Finally, we have a fast FRIENDS OF MINE which sounds in places like a cross between someone's vaccuum cleaner and my two-year old nephew trying to emulate Bill and Ted on my old Aria Pro2 guitar! Wonderful.

N Forbes

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