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Fear of a Black Kennett


A21 track compilation from Repeat fanzine's sister record label and it boasts a reasonably
heavyweight tine up of name acts and artists. We are reliably informed that the idea behind this
collection is, "A punky two fingers to the nazi invasion taking the union out of the Union jack. the united out of the United Kingdom, the great out of Great Britain, and the piss out of democracy."
Spurred on by New Labour's apathy to the rise of the hard right, the power of music has been utilised to make a stance and a statement. Fear of a Black Kennett is the end result. Under the 'Love Music,Hate Racism' banner the acts featured have all contributed tracks to the cause. Some are exclusive'demo' tracks, others live records or studio cuts. Roster of featured acts is as follows: Kenesis, Miss Black America, Chris T-T, Neo, The Virgin Suicides, The Dawn Parade, Antihero, Kneehigh.The Exiles,We Can Build You, King Adora. Impact, Cosy Cosy, Corporation, Volounteers, Miss Black Americas, Tex la Homa and Asian Dub Foundation.

Exploding into action with Kenesis' demo take of "And They Obey', followed by Miss Black America's'Drowning by Numbers', a wired, fired and fractured track, the (high) standard is set forwhat is to follow. The Punk rock uprising of the mid-late 70S was as much about making a statement as an anti-fashion musical movement. With the aforementioned tracks as well as contributions from notably The Dawn Parade, Antihero, King Adora and Asian Dub Foundation, 'Fear of a Black Kennett' both makes a stand AND contains some great tracks from some equally great bands.
Available through all good record shops from
early December or visit for on
line details.

Mark S.