Scarlet Soho - Isolation(Human Recordings)

This first single from Scarlet Soho's upcoming album sways, winds and weaves its way through some exceedingly danceable electro-leaning pop. There's a one-listen-and-you're-hooked immediacy to it, and all three songs boast an epic, sweeping quality which fills the room and makes the air feel dense with sound and musical grandeur. And underscoring it all, the harsh edge of the drum machine means that Scarlet Soho can have soaring, drawn out vocals
and synths without losing their musical energy and impact. Although their musical pulse is slow it's a slowness to grind to rather than sway along to, with a feeling of relentless, step by step advance to it. The mechanical
instruments and musical polish give Isolation and b-sides Tried, Tested and Failed and Useless a divorced and clinical feel, which makes the emotional impact this single nonetheless provokes all the more impressive. It's an
uneasy human reflection bouncing off the cold metallic sheen of programming, thoroughly computer age and with a chilly emotional accuracy which shouldn't, in its coldness, feel as affecting as it does. Provoking a reaction through such sterile method is impressive indeed; at the very
least, this freeze-dried electro-pop will make you want to dance. As far as I'm concerned, that is never a bad thing.

By Holl(i)y