PUSCHA- Steal your life back

This offering from another merry band of Brit-rockers is best likened to what would have happened if you'd been able to translate that mixture of washing up liquid, baking powder, eggs and flour you concocted for your Mum when you were a kid into music. The effort's sweet but, ultimately, all you're left with is a big mess. Having said that, if you've often dreamt of Kings of Leon meeting Billy Idol at his white wedding then look no further. Your prayers have finally been answered in opening track "Smoking Dog". Praise the Lord.

Yet Puscha offer more than scary 80s meets naughties collaborations. I can't decide whether it is a range of influences or gross inconsistency, but their back catalogue also stretches to a pinch of metal (the confusing intro to an otherwise listenable "Spooks"), a dollop of guitar-led pop ("Sunday") and, oh my life, a sprig of Toploader ("Get back": just the whiney pretend-retro voice and not the lush hair unfortunately). Which is a shame because they sound less fake when plain old rocking out (the most impressive tracks are undoubtedly the album's melodic title track and "Life Honey", which gets all sexy, angry, harmonic and powerful a la Cave In on us). In short, maybe one to dip your spoon into but I wouldn't go licking it too eagerly. It ain't that tasty.

Anna C