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Cambridge. Princess Drive borrow
Kings of the Wild Frontier

First Cambridge, then the world. Princess Drive won't stop til they take over the world.
By David Williams

The spirit of classic punk rock lives on in Cambridge. Princess Drive borrow from the songwriting of Joe Strummer and take lyrical inspiration from incendiary authors to create some true old-school rock 'n'roll.

Teen siblings Tom and Pat King spearhead the band and have just completed their first EP. In keeping with the
DIY attitude, the lads have recorded A Welcome Alternative to filth and Violence of their own backs and intend to dish free copies out to anyone within spitting distance.

Tom, 17, said: "We've played benefit gigs for causes we believe in, such as the Anti-Nazi League and Stop The
War Coalition, and we enjoy reading great books by great authors. We might not have all the answers but we're
asking questions that need to be asked and I
don't see a lot of others doing that anywhere, especially not in young bands. I think we're average. But only because our standards are so high. We won't be happy until we're playing to you and your friends in Earis Court in three years' time."

Richard Rose, figurehead of Cambridge's legendary R*E*P*E*A*T label and fanzine had this to say about the band: "Princess Drive are a ginger headed runaway train of
attitude, ideas and adrenaline, an impatience with the past combined with an intelligent homage to the heroes of pogo,
page and politics. They, deserve your serious attention."

In fact he likes them so much he's put them on as main support on Saturday to the mighty Corporation:Blend, one of the new breed of London bands like Bloc Party and The Others to have been swept up by labels.

The Portland Arms gig is £5 on the door and also features Whitelinie (formerly The Blueberries) and Nebraska. The action starts at around Spm. For more about Princess
Drive, check out their website at www.geocities.com/princess_drive