POSER: Scars that never fade EP

Chuck in a bit of emo, a sprinkling of hardcore and lashes and lashes of teen-punk a la Blink 182, stir and bake, and you have Poser. All the way from the US of A and somehow landing up in good ole Suffolk, gaining a whole lot of attention along the way for their energetic live shows, this gorgeous little four-piece certainly have an impressive talent for their tender years (their oldest member is a mere 20 years of age.
So maybe I'm just too old to understand them. I'm done with the whole kinda-sing-through-your-nose-and-if-all-else-fails-scream scene (actually, I never tolerated it for a second, although whoever screams for this band has an awesome set of lungs). I just can't identify with songs written about driving past the high school looking out for someone special and not daring to hold a girl's hand. Cute though it is.

At the end of the day, although hard-hitting and promising, this music wasn't made for old crocks like me but for kids about ten years younger and there are a whole lot of them out there willing to listen to it, loving every minute of powerful riff after riff. So there is a huge plus side. Don't get me wrong; I can totally see and appreciate what bands like this are here for. For example, I appreciate Funeral For a Friend and The Used, although I don't really love either. Those that do, dodge the little-uns and adoring teenage girls that are sure to swamp Poser wherever they go (and deservedly so) and check out them out on their forthcoming tour; you definitely will not be disappointed.

Anna Claxton