POP ART at cambridge Junction, October 22nd 2004

Pop Art is the brand spanking new "indie-alternative-retro-pop" club night from the folks who brought us Panic. Panic, as some of you may know, is the Q Club-based Bedazzled-preceding indie-night legend considered by many whose formative years revolved around the smoky pub back rooms of Cambridge to
have been the peak of Cambs indie clubbing. And now it's back, under a new name and in a bigger venue. Does it live up to the nostalgic glow of memory?
Well, yes. As Britney wailed mid-evening, pretty much summing up the quality of the tunes; "Will you please play a shite one? I need to sit down!" Among the motley crew of revellers that I was part of, the consensus was that at least 90% of songs played were hits in terms of both taste and danceability.

Which really isn't a bad average for a five and a half hour clubnight. We were treated to a glorious mix of Smiths/Pulp/Blur/Joy Division/Kenickie/Franz
Ferdinand/Elastica/Libertines/KLF/Pixies/Blondie/many other things which are, alas, obscured by a haze of alcohol. As ever, the rule of thumb was that the earlier you arrive the more likely you are to hear obscure tracks, but the whole night was admirably balanced in terms of old vs. new and popular vs. obscure. And on top of all this, the place felt friendly.

Everyone seemed to be there to have fun rather than to pose, and there was a minimum need to scream "Fuck Off!" at twats who think the best way to get
laid is to bollocks up someone's evening by dancing one inch from their face for five hours. Which made the vibe of the night a hit in my book. And as if
the excellent music and atmosphere weren't enough, Liechtenstein and Warhol visuals and Smiths lyrics projected onto the wall provided an alternative
diversion for those whose dancing muscles were flagging. Which attention to detail is an indicator of a clubnight put on by those who want to create
something special, to put on An Event rather than just play host to another passable place to dance. I believe they have succeeded in this aim.


Next Pop Art is December 17th