There are six Pink Greasers. That makes them a sex-tet. Pretty appropriate considering that this tune is all about sex then. In fact, it could easily rip your clothes off and smudge your eyeliner in fifty paces and shag you furiously in a dirty alleyway somewhere in the suburbs, leaving a whole lot of lipstick all over your face and glitter in its path as it swaggers away. The filthy slut. Somewhere between glam and fuzzy punk rockers doing the robot, "Peaches" is the latest single through Mute from current album "This is for real" for the catchy Sheffield retro sleaze-masters. And having scored a top 40 hit already this year with "Strip", I would recommend catching them live before they're huge. Mark my words that they will be; this release features, amongst others, a seat-wetting remix by none other than electro goddess, Peaches (duuuuh!).
Pink Grease will be at APU Academy on April 9th. Don't miss it.

Anna C