Spinning The Decelis:
Phil Decelis reviews some stuff

Martha Wainwright
"Bloody Mother Fucking Asshole" EP

Martha Wainwright is clearly an extraordinary musical talent. She has a unique, impressive voice, which is reflected fully through her emotional, passionate songs. The "Bloody Mother Fucking Asshole" EP shows her versatility of, not only her voice, but her incredible song writing ability as well. The superb title track "Bloody Mother Fucking Asshole" shows off her distinctive vocals, and lyrical expertise. "How Soon" presents us with a beautiful jazz piano backing track over which her unforgettable voice penetrates the ears of the listener. However, a different track all together in "It's Over" shows Martha Wainwright sounding like a darker Nelly Furtado at times. All in all, Martha Wainwright is an incredible musical talent, who is not afraid to experiment with genres. Fantastic.

Optimist Club
"Panic Button" EP

Furious, Angry, Mad, Unorthodox, Brilliant. Optimist Club are one of those bands that make you stop and think. They don't follow the rules, they make their own. A song will change direction halfway through, to something just as exciting, just as awesome. Musically, they are a twisted group with the ability to stay away from musical normality's, whist still sounding tremendous. Containing Reuben-esque vocals and guitar lines, some System Of A Down style guitar and bass parts, whilst also sounding ever so slightly Rage Against The Machine like, Optimist Club have managed to encapsulate everything great about modern day music, and make it their own.

Dude On A Mission
"Moments Erased" EP

Dude On A Mission are a five piece band from Cambridge. Their style of music varies between rock, punk and hints of funk. They work brilliantly as a band, the vocals fit the style of music fantastically. The opener '24 seconds to soon' is the best song on the EP, showing off everything that is excellent about Dude On A Mission; catchy chorus, great tempo changes, mellow bridge, exceptional musical ability, and the ability to write incredible rock songs that can appeal to both a modern audience, and the more traditional audience. Dude On A Mission have the ability to be a success.

"New Generation Catalogue" album

Emotional, passionate, epic. Just a few words to describe this album. Each song sounds like an uphill climb, an epic battle against the world, and Redjetson have won. Redjetson are anthemic, their intense songs are full of fire, the emotion boundaries are being pushed to a new level. Underneath the masterpieces, the band are similar to a young Radiohead, technically brilliant, ridiculously passionate about their music. This album is fantastic, buy more than one copy and spread the word. Redjetson are phenomenal.

The Sound Explosion

Breaking into an AC/DC esque riff, before the vocals appear, sounding similar to The Hives, 'Time After Time' seems to sound like all great artists at once. The chorus, just 'Time after Time' shouted four times, sounds incredibly like Chris Cornell, more in his Audioslave days. The Sound Explosion seems an appropriate name to the band that turns the amps up to 11 and blasts out noise. Fabulous musicians, perhaps slightly predictable, but when they're this good, that can be forgiven. The album is out February 2005, go and get it, The Sound Explosion is a name you will hear in the near future.

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