Nathan’s Second Postbag Reviews

The Beat Up – Messed Up

Some of you will already have heard of The Beat Up but may not have realised it yet as they were known as The Beatings until a name change was pushed on them by some American band and there lawyer.

This song is a sonic blast of fuzzy Black Rebel Motorcycle Club-esq garage rock. Which roughly translates as no boundaries being pushed and if the song had been released a couple of years ago it might have gone top 30 and they’ll be plastered all over the fashion magazines.

The song has a swagger about it and reminds of more traditional and angsty Primal Scream which is probably no coincidence seeing as recent screamer Kevin Shields produces the track.

Martha Wainwright ­ Bloody Mother Fucking Asshole

I was brought up with the belief that swearing will get you nothing except a clip round the ear, so you can imagine I was surprised when I heard the title track and found it was actually quite good in a Joni Mitchell type of way, the rest of the EP kind of disappoints and is overshadowed by the opening track.

This EP is a collection of minimal jazzy tinged songs sometimes reminiscent of Beth Orton and Norah Jones, which usually rely on just vocals and guitar. Your usual Sunday Times reader may like this if their feeling slightly adventurous. It would also make good background music for a dinner party or a BBC drama.

Redjetson – New General Catalogue

You kind of know what to expect to hear from post rock bands before you’ve even heard a note. Which means I shouldn’t have to explain to you what the music on this CD is like, but im going to if you like it or not anyway. The usual clichés are all in place, the songs are both epic and grand in their design. Redjetson use the quiet, loud, quiet dynamics as so often used by Mogwai, they have the experimental nature of Sigur Ros and Radiohead, with the melodicness of Hope of the States. If you like post rock you will like Redjetson simple as.

By Nathan Westley