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Louder Than The Crowd (Gut)

" Louder Than The Crowd" Independent sounds from the U.K. underground, shall be released on the 21st of July. The double CD compilation sees some of the best independent and unsigned bands from the UK. In conjunction with the album club nights shall be held all over the country, from Scotland to Southhampton. For more infomation on the Gigs see below.

To win a copy of this definitive CD, mail me ( the answer to this simple question:
What is louder than bombs?

Check out some of the early web reviews that the album has received.
"So, there's no decent rock bands in the UK you say ? Well, nobody seems to have told the chaps at Gut Records who've managed to hand pick 41 of the coolest bands on the UK circuit and put them on this double CD. Yep, you read correctly, 41 bands. And what better way to open it up with the fantastic Mahumodo and the stunning Sikth ?
It gets better though as this CD showcases the best of the talent trawling around the UK circuit as we speak. I don't mean your Lostprophets and your Hundred Reasons, nope these are bands that have absolutely no cash and no big labels supporting them. Bands like Murder One, Jarcrew, Johnny Truant and Labrat have a work ethic that involves playing every shit venue in every shit British town and then doing it again a month later. Word of mouth is what has got these bands the respect they deserve today and now it's time somebody in a suit sat up and took notice. Although, a quick scan down the list of bands on this compilation and you can pick out the likes of Funeral For A Friend, Million Dead and The Blueprint as just a couple of the bands who are surely destined to make the step up to bigger and better things
Compilation CD's are usually a hit and miss affair but, as a summary of what is going on in the UK at the moment, Louder Than The Crowd is a pretty diverse collection which touches on all bases from the rockier bands like Rueben to the downright brutal sludge of bands like Charger and shows that UK rock is stronger than it has been for years!"

Track Listing

1) Mahumodo - 'April's'
2) SikTh - 'How May I Help You?'
3) Skindred - 'Vampire Slayer'
4) Murder One -'Onscreen Rapist'
5) Aereogramme - 'Wood'
6) Capdown - 'MV4'
7) Million Dead - 'The Kids Are Going To Love It'
8) Jarcrew - 'Paris & The New Math'
9) Charger - '1d'
10) Jerry-Built - 'Receivers'
11) Johnny Truant - 'I Am The Primitologist Mr Robert Sapolsky'
12) Palehorse - 'Holy Trinity Church Student Bar'
13) X Is Greater Than Y - 'Wet Knife'
14) One Pity - 'Heaven Sent'
15) Spunge - 'Ego'
16) Kinesis - 'Billboard Beauty'
17) Onedice - 'Life'
18) Number One Son - 'Contrasts'
19) Miocene - 'Tradition is Just Another Word for the Collective Habit'

1) Farse - 'When The Laughter Stops'
2) Hiding with Girls - 'Cassette'
3) 3 Stages of Pain - 'Southern Bullet'
4) The Copperpot Journals - 'Swimming Comparisons'
5) Funeral for a Friend - '10:45 Amsterdam Conversations'
6) The Blueprint - 'Consafos'
7) Labrat - 'Two Pigs Fucking'
8) Harpies - 'Deep'
9) Beecher - 'Let Them Drown'
10) Breed 77 - 'La Ultima Hora'
11) The Mass - 'Blind Faith'
12) The More I See - 'Born Freaks'
13) Fallen To - 'Throw Away'
14) Fony - 'R.I.U.P'
15) Reuben - 'Banner Held High'
16) Eden Maine - Ephemera'
17) Hondo Maclean - 'Asia Argento'
18) Fireapple Red - '[1x106]s'
19) Days of Grace - 'Kineto'
20) Little Hell - 'Virus With Shoes'
21) Dukes of Nothing - 'Half Evil'
22) Winnebago Deal - 'Nitro Ground Shaker'

Thursday 24th July
Spunge - The Park, Peterborough
Fallen To - Club 103, Plymouth
Reuben - Kingtuts, Glasgow

Tuesday 15th July
Brighton-Gloucester (Brighton)

Thursday 17th July
The Villa (Bournemouth)

Friday 18th July
PHUCT @ Bristol Beirkeller

Saturday 19th July
Rock City (Nottingham)
Cathouse (Glasgow)
Nexus (Southampton)

Monday 21st July
Kartouch (Ipswitch)

Thursday 24th July
Metros (Cardiff)

Friday 25th July
Generation X (Bristol)
Leeds Met Uni

Saturday 26th July
Mission Jnr (under 18's)
The Cockpit ( Leeds)