Loophole - 3-track demo

Starting with a fuzz of noise and developing into a hard, mechanical, electro-tinted rock, a sound which calls to mind howling subway tunnels and
flickering florescent lighting, this overload of a cd has too much happening in it to be digested in one sitting. An aural onslaught of looping, whorling vocals over stilted, tumbling riffs(for comparisons think the theatrical stylings of Muse coupled with elements of Radiohead) it sounds too varied and electric to be made by mere guitars and carries a breathless sense of being continually just about to explode but never quite doing so. It's urgent sounding music, but performed in a manner so stylised that the emotion doesn't carry - like watching a disaster on a screen or monitor, it has an almost sterile, once-removed yet involving quality to it. The entwining weave of double vocals and guitars is almost confusing listening but it never loses its sense of clarity and purpose - like data flickering and feeding across a computer screen, there's a logic in there somewhere.
Murky and watery but with a sense of space behind it, confused and distorted but maintaining a musical clarity: the last-gasp stutterings of electrical equipment just before malfunction, the warped scratching of skipping cds and tapes in the process of being chewed up. This slightly disconcerting and utterly involving demo walks a fine line, and walks it with style.

by Holli(l)y

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