LIVE WIRE- Get Back to the City EP

Live Wire describe themselves as Nu-New Wave. Now, I am usually tempted to throw away anything prefixed with these two letters. I just think the term "Nu" goes hand-in-hand with saying something "sucks"; i.e. it sounds stupid. What's wrong with "Ye Olde New Wave" anyway? Because this is, after all, what this Cambridgeshire-based four-piece champion. What's more, if front-woman Meris had a surname (she doesn't and why should she? Madonna never needed one…), it would be Harry. Although more like dear ole Debbie's evil tomboy twin, shunning the shiny dresses and vampy make-up whilst most women dreamt of looking like everyone's favourite retro bottle-blonde, and the three blokes in Live Wire were obviously just content to get a singer that sounded quite like her. In fact, imagine Blondie before they recorded "Tide is High" and became a Christmas party favourite, too sloppy to be pop and too pop to be sloppy. With the powerful and sultry vocals a bit rough around the edges. But in a good way. In short, blending chugging guitars and infectious melodies with a simple yet effective rhythm section and a mature take on teenage angst (not to mention a love of dark glasses), Live Wire are a band that bring back to life the essence of what was cool about the 70's and 80's (let's face it; somebody has to) and they should be proud of it.

Anna Claxton