The Libertines @ The Social, Orlando (22-10-04)
By Julie Zerbib

For a band in hyped turmoil, The Libertines put on a damn good show. As Carl, John, Gary, and replacement guitarist, Anthony Rossomando engaged in a feverish onstage battle of melodies, the crowd at The Social in Orlando can't seem to get enough. They cheer at the sound of familiar songs like "Don't Look Back Into the Sun," "Can't Stand Me Now," the new single, "What Became of the Likely Lads," and the ever popular single from their freshman album, "What a Waster," which resonates in the minds of all, regarding ousted front man Pete Doherty.

John's onstage banter provoked laughter at the front of the stage when he discussed the infamous Red Sox baseball game. "Who knew these Brits could talk baseball!" exclaimed one audience member. There was nothing more obscene in this scene than the time it took for the bands to get onstage. A good forty-five minutes spanned before The Libertines got onstage. Quite an eternity to wait for the epitome of what a band should be. For, that's what the Libertines are, whether it's their journey on the Albion, or their adventures in Arcadia. As far as being one of the best shows of the season, it was also the loudest. Adorned with a cowbell given to him by opening band, Radio 4, one fan couldn't contain himself and contributed to the onslaught of noise coming from the amps. This also caught the attention of Carl Barat who walked over to the front of the stage and shook his hand. The sparks kept flying as the lads got into the encore, playing "France," and "The Narcissist."

As this punk militia trudged on, the crowd acted as witness to an epiphany that despite watching a band dealing with so many problems, The Libs are the voice of a generation. The Libertines aren't just a band, they're a way of life- especially for those of us who are inspired by more than just their music.