I'm sure many of you toss and turn in bed of an evening, unable to believe that someone hasn't brought back the classic George Formby sound, adding a little world music, 21st Century singer-songwriter style. Well, let Karmadillo bring those miserable nights to an end.

However, you're not about to see the return of the ukulele. Instead, frontman Rishi Nag wields a charango - a South American guitar-type instrument that can sound like either a lute or a ukulele, depending on how it's played.

Joined by James Thomas on bass, the duo have just recorded an EP entitled Women are Aliens From Mars, Men are Monsters From Venus, which they launch at The Portland Arms on Saturday, May 15. Inspired by the novels of Douglas Adams, Iain M Banks and Helen Fielding, expect songs about ET, racism and love tragically lost. And if you shout for When I'm Cleaning Windows, you might just get it.

Chris Marling

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