GRAHAM COXON- Freakin' Out/ All Over Me

What can I say about this man that I haven't said a trillion times before? You all know who he is, you all know what he's done and you all know what he's doing now. You will also all have heard this single before because you will, no doubt, all have the album from which it is taken, which is possibly my album-of-the-year. Unless you've been living on the moon. But I have to write something so here goes.
I love Graham Coxon. I want to marry him. I like his shoulders. He also has nice eyes. In fact, I think he should be President. But that's beside the point. Because this is a little slice of classic musical genius. The sort of musical genius that makes you want to stamp your feet angrily at the posers it is directed at (whoever said aviators were a good idea anyway?), play air guitar until your fingers bleed and generally lose control and go a little mental. That's "Freakin' Out" anyway. It chugs along nicely, thankyou very much. Ouch.
Then "All Over Me" tenderly mops up the aftermath, bless it's cotton-socks. When I first heard this song, I cried and cried and cried some more. I still do. It's not that I'm mentally unstable; it's got lots of beautiful string arrangements, it's got heartsinking melody, it's about sheets, blood, showers and being held by a girl. How I wish he would sing me to sleep with it. Ahem. The B-side rocks too…

Anna Claxton