THE FEATURES- There's a million ways to sing the blues

Bloody hell. Franz Ferdinand have a lot to answer for. Because this is yet more dark-Friday-night-at-the-disco indie pop. The problem is, as much as I hate the fact it has taken over my life, not to mention most of Britain, and there is nothing new to say about it because it has all been done before, I do actually like it. There is no-one that loves a good ponce around to some stomping, swaggering, jive-talking, bottom-shaking tunes more than me. I am, in fact, hankering after some massive platforms, emblazoned with silver stars, and this song justifies why I should have them and this makes me glad.
A million ways to sing the blues? Pah; don't be fooled because The Features clearly don't know any of them. This is simply happy music. Sprinkled with glitter, fairy dust and all things merry and bright, I think it is therefore strange that they have been compared to the Kings of Leon without the beards. Apart from sounding not the slightest bit like them, I've seen a picture of them and two of them have beards. What they really do is use cheerful melodies straight out of the Dandy Warhols and Elvis Costello end of their record collection, whilst jumping on the bandwagon with current favourites, The Killers and Stellastar, to name but a few. And they are coming. For you. All of them. Sounding the same and swinging their bad-but-hip schoolboy flared pants like there's no tomorrow. Be afraid, be very afraid.

Anna Claxon