Cambridge APUSU 24/04/04

So Fonda 500 had to cancel this one for some reason. Thankfully, about half of The Fruity Clave Samba Band jumped in at the eleventh hour, like five drum-wielding super heroes, and successfully kicked off the night's very interesting mix of music (not quite ecletic enough to encompass Cradle of Filth or Sepultura unfortunately- apologies to the two drunken fellas that requested that at the DJ booth- but fun nonetheless). Loosening the audience up after a few songs worth of pounding carnival beats and some high quality whistle blowing, it had me grinning from ear to ear anyway. And thus a party was born. Albeit a little one, but a party all the same.

And so it continued through the fairly lacklustre set by Tempted Betty, thanks to a glass or two of strong and cheap alcohol. I'm sorry that no-one seemed that interested in what they were saying or playing. Well, I wasn't anyway, but cheesy bluesy rock isn't really my bag. And that's all I have to say about that.

Plus I was so looking forward to seeing Donderevo. Anyone that read the review I wrote for their album "Good Science, Friendly Gods" should a) have bought it, in which case where were you? You missed out; And b) know what I think of this band and their live show is no exception. What's more, they provided a rocking version of "The Power of Love" by Huey Lewis and the News, something which raised a smile on even the most self-conscious and cool of Cambridge folk. As ever, nothing short of a giggle, I ask myself why there are not more bands like this, which leave me with a happy Readybrek-type glow lasting, I think, at least a week. Speaking to them briefly afterwards, I was a little tipsy and cannot remember all that I said, but only hope I told them that they were fantastic. Because they are.

Anna Claxton