DEATH FROM ABOVE 1979: You're a woman, I'm a machine

And what a well-oiled machine it is too. Dribble. Mmmm… Sorry. To the review (yes; the third attempt of drumming it into you hoodlums that this is a band that shouldn't be ignored). And in a world which recently saw Dirty Den get brained (twice) by a lead terrier door stop, surely it can't get any more brutal. How wrong you are. Because this album is as brutal as a night down the Vic and you may well feel like you've had your head bashed into a jukebox a fair few times when you hear it. Take the risk. It is fantastic.
And the theme of the album is to wind them up and watch them go. Whipping through 11 frantic and palpitating-inducing tracks in just over half an hour, whilst this may simply be two lads bashing away on their pots and pans and plucking their big thick, erm, bass strings, DFA1979 create overwhelming amounts of fuzzy noise to wake even the most jaded of music listeners, biting them on the arse like an over-zealous piranha. Or something. From the primal "Blood on our hands" to the unashamed man-juice-fuelled "Little girl" and the teasing and tantalising "Sexy results" how many times do I have to say it? This IS the most essential band of 2005. Buy the record, get the t-shirt, see them when they come back to our welcoming arms in the summer. You will not be disappointed. Just watch your balls in the mosh pit.

Anna C