The Cheap Sampler Volume Three

(Damaged Goods)

In which bloke from North East London launches assault number three in his Jihad on paralysis-inducing competent mediocrity and earns yet another medal.

So, Ian Damgood, what will you tempt/taunt/terrorise/leave us feeling utterly nonplussed about today? A track from the New Art Riot EP by the decade-impotent Welsh lot with the bonsai drummer, inevitably. A dynamic duo of oi-punk covers (of which Oi-vey's jackboot taxidermy of the Bay City Rollers' 'Saturday Night' is horribly compelling), naturally. A smattering of lofidiscopunk oddities (hello, Helen Love and her outta Bis's new band…), unnaturally. Some graceless machismo masquerading as earthy punk thrills (Armitage Shanks, Hard Skin), regrettably. Some freshly exhumed musty cadavers of history (Buzzcocks, Revillos, Pork Dukes, the Pop Rivets, er, the Snivelling Shits…), delightfully. And a veritable cavalcade of hitherto underloved punkrockahula that sees Damaged Goods turn Japanese via MikaBomb, out-hive the Hives in the form of The Ulcers and predictably pay homage to the Jack White-endorsed, semiseminal (Thames) delta blues garage might of Billy Childish (Thee Headcoats are conspicuously absent but The Buff Medways are present and jarringly correct) and his Kentish ilk (The Singing Loins. Yes. The Singing Loins).

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But, as ever, the paltry £5 investment that I hereby implore you to spend on Le Sampler Bon Marché will be most handsomely rewarded at the hands (and honeyed vocal chords of Holly Golightly) of Thee Headcoatees, whose righteous ramalama and abraisive analogue punk chanteusery is augmented by two solo Headcoatee tunes and Fabienne Desol, whose 'I'm Gonna Haunt You' should be subtitled 'For My Voice is A Shangrilicious Augur of Love and You Will Submit To Me Forever, Damnit'.

Note to self: buy everything Thee Headcoatees have ever recorded.
Note to others: buy this. And Volume One, which is mightier still.

Matt Abysmal

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