Cambridge APU Bar 30/ 03/ 04

Colonel Bastard are like the Cambridge University pseudo-version of The Jam. They look posh. The bass player especially. And the annoying thing is that you know they sing in mock-er-ney accents but they actually speak like the well mannered young men they really are. That didn't bode well. But they have a few catchy tunes and if you fancy a bop and something of a Britpop revival, then definitely check them out. Got my toe tapping anyway.

Although Kill Keneda are a completely different kettle of fish. You know that bit in the "Jackass" movie when Johnny Knoxville gets bowled over by a massive tidal wave. Looks fun and refreshing, doesn't it? And a little bit bonkers? Well, that sums up this band nicely then. Not only do they have the look but they have bucket loads of cheeky charisma that had the audience hanging on their every word/ note. Rocking like they couldn't care less, and with a passion which echoes Nirvana (or, at least, The Vines), their music has a subtle complexity which it made it exciting to be in Cambridge. At least for thirty minutes anyway. Definitely a band to watch (and listen and buy their music and make them famous and go mental to).

Bloc Party

Which is why I probably did not respond well to Bloc Party. Hailing from London but sounding very Noo Yawk, they had a huge act to follow and… basically didn't do a great job. They do have some good Strokes-esque tunes (and the floppy- haired guitarist definitely looks like he goes to the same barber) but nothing grabbed me about them. Maybe I've heard too many bands of that sound recently and think it's time for something new. Still, it doesn't matter what I say because Steve Lamacq thinks they're "genius" and he always knows what he's talking about, right??

Anna Claxton