Scotch in the Mediterranean demo

Firstly, my eternal gratitude to anyone who can tell me what 'xerophyte' means. It's not in my huge, forklift-truck-to-take-off-the-bookshelf dictionary and I'm intrigued.
But anyway, the music. Girl-fronted, guitar-bass-drums rock. Track 2, 'just like me', is rather nice and justifies its' existence on the strength of the Elastica-esque riff alone. But this demo's not really anything that special
- the songs aren't really bad, they're just kinda unremarkable. Plus these guys sound way better recorded than they do live, which is not good. I thought it was first-performance nerves or something, but then I saw their
very professional van outside and their monogrammed drumstick case so it couldn't have been that - maybe the singers mum was in the audience or something. So yes - there's nothing that bad about this, but there's not really anything that good about it either.