We Start Fires

'How to be a Lady' demo ep

"I'm not sure why I came here any more
I'm not sure why I wanted this before"

Hurrah! Those mourning the demise of Venus in Furs need do so no longer, for We Start Fires has risen from the ashes to take over where VIF left off and to push it even further. This four track demo ep showcases four riot grrl
pop-with-an-edge-to-it tunes which are very nice indeed. We Start Fires are on a mission to forcefully inject the intelligence back into pop music, and they've chosen to do so with life affirming songs which brim over with a real lust for life - not a trace of the Muse-disease of 'must be depressed to be real' to be seen. This could be the soundtrack to the coolest film in the world, if it weren't for the fact that the music'd steal the show...
Contact WeStartFiresHQ@aol.com and demand a copy of this NOW. And check out www.westartfires.com while you're at it.