The Virgin Suicides demos

Samples, feedback, howling guitars, William Blake and dead babies on the cd sleeve, songs titled 'I Am America' and 'Just as Dead Now', spitting bile and contempt for everything else around. and you get the picture? If you
liked the sound of that you should really, REALLY get this cd, as it mixes the above qualities together perfectly, and if you think that it sounds too teenage and clichéd for words then nevermind 'cause VS hate you anyway. Yeah
yeah, so it's not original - that's not the point, they're proud to be derivative and it doesn't matter that they(in their own words) wear their influences on their sleeves. The thing is that they're right - 90% of the stuff around does suck, we're drowning in musos and the people who claim to offer something new just tend to hold out more of the same, with an arrogant refusal to see how boring their technical gibberish and lack of any real passion really is. The Virgin Suicides believe in rock'n'roll and they're
determined to piss everyone off as much as possible - the characteristics that others see as flaws are the ones they hold up as their main virtues. A much-needed breath of fresh air.