Virgin Suicides e.p. and tour : ploughing over the bones of the dead

Cambridge teenage nihilists The Virgin Suicides are about to release their debut ep. It's an adrenaline fuelled 4 track punk masterpiece, released on CD on R*E*P*E*A*T Records (MBRR111) called "Plough Over The Bones Of The Dead" in recognition of the fact that in order to be original, the band have found it necessary to pillage the past and exploit their heroes : The Sex Pistols, The Manics, Bob Dylan, Sylvia Plath, The Clash, Bertold Brecht ... Despite being still at school, The Virgin Suicides have become the most talked about band in Cambridge, loved and loathed in equal measure, and have attracted favourable reviews from the likes of Drowned in Sound, Rocksound, Organ, Fracture and more. Despite rarely gigging, they've also built up a devoted following around the country and the world; domestic fans will be able to see them play live on a mini tour to support the release of the EP The band are also to donate two tracks to the forthcoming Anti Nazi League album alongside the likes of Kinesis, Miss Black America and The Dawn Parade, and have enlisted the support of Caffy St Luce (ex Manics Press Officer at Hall or Nothing) in their quest to end England's Dreaming.

Plough Over The Bones of The Dead Tour

July 17th Cambridge, Portland Arms (tour warm up, on first at 9pm, supporting Corporation : Blend and Dude on a Mission, £3, 01223 357268)

July 23rd Leicester, The Shed

July 26th London, 12 Bar Club

July 3oth Coventry, The Jailhouse

July 31st Norwich, Ferry Boat

August 20th Oxford, The Bullingdon.

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