The Virgin Suicides - Plough Over The Bones Of The Dead

The new EP from the Cottenham punk rock crew. With the EP
artwork strewn with phrases such as "Shamelessly Ripping Off Our Heroes Since 2001", "Originality Is Worthless" and plagiarism quotes from Malcolm Mclaren this band is unapologetic in its onslaught of vaguely familiar riffs and storming sound. Starting off with a live recording of 'Just As Dead Now' is a live introduction to who these guys are and what they're about. With simple yet striking
riffage and melodic guitar fused in with casually powerful lyrics, this song is an instant statement of what The Virgin Suicides are about. When it turns into the united middle finger chant of "We don't want your fucking heroes", all they win is my respect. Little Mannequin is put simply an amazing song, I've fallen in love with
it. Melodic yet punk rock, atmospheric yet simple its astounding...! I can't describe it.

Catwalk Cancer carries on the trend with another catchy punk hook with vocals vaguely reminiscent of James Dean Bradfield. Elements of a kind of Glam rock sensibility creep in as well. Acoustic track Beyond 13 portrays the enigmatic lyrical talents and wonderful guitar parts to produce yet another fantastic song.

All four tracks on this EP have something different to offer but all are joined by the fact that they all
evoke a sense of inspiration in a DIY fashion. Check this band out, as they are hot tipped for big things'
and are well and truly a band to take notice of. This review doesn't do them nearly enough justice,|

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Review from Uncle Skank Fanzine