THE RACE- Go figure/ raising children

Sounding as determined as a demented six-year-old hopping towards the finish line in an old sack, it is no wonder that this extremely professional sounding five-piece have been kicking up a storm in their native Berkshire and beyond, a storm that threatens to piss all over the poxy sports day to the delight of the rebellious kids doing a rain dance behind the bike shed. Because those rebellious kids are too busy listening to The Pixies, The Cure and Joy Division; there is no mistake as to where they would shove the relay baton, so best illustrated by the angry "Go Figure", a kick-ass tribute to the best bits of chugging 80s alternative rock with a bit of early Manics and Muse thrown in for the Mums and Dads. Huge dramatic melodies grab the back of your pants and pull swiftly upwards, whilst "Raising Children" helps you sort out your undercarriage in the aftermath and tell Miss on the nasty git that did it, whilst humming something catchy by Coldplay. Except something more likely to make you boogie. And it's nice to hear so much more than your average indie fare; pretty atmospheric harmonies fill a chorus full of sympathy for the girl in year six that got up the duff, who would still no doubt agree that this impressive demo displays a broad new talent deserving of first place. Cheer them on loudly.

Anna C.