Live review of The Faint & Sunshine at the Concorde 2 in Brighton on Wednesday 15th of September

By Nathan Westley

The Faint are on a whistle stop UK tour to promote their new album "Wet from Birth" and it perhaps makes perfect sense for them to stop off for a show in Brighton along with Label mates Sunshine.

I had never heard of Sunshine before tonight but there show left me suitably impressed. Sunshine are a four piece band and it's understandable why they have been chosen to support.
Like The Faint their music is 80's influenced and they remind me of in places of both New Order, Depeche Mode and in places U2 when they were at there most experimental.

Many people are often sceptical of bands which care to put effort into
the way that they present themselves and instead seek solace in bands which appear to be under-stylised and don't make an effort.

The Faint's music might not be as "now" nor as fashionable as they were a few years ago, but there is no denying that they are a great live act. They look comfortable on stage tonight and there stage presence could easily fill a stadium or an arena.

It is instantly noticeable that both a lot of thought and effort has gone into the preparation of this tour. Background Videos have specifically been created for the tour and these enhance the enjoyment as well as compliment the music.

But the main reason anyone goes to see the gig is for the music, we are treated to classic material from previous album "Danse Macabre" like Agenda Suicide and Your Retro Career Melted, as well as new songs and a cover of the Talking heads song Psycho Killer.

There new material isn't a massive departure from there previous songs but this isn't necessary a problem as The Faint have found their niche.
They blend together dance, rock and new wave in a way that no one else is currently doing. There music may borrow from the 80's, especially in their use of synths and choice of sounds but they seem to sound so much fresher than other acts around today. They music stands out from the crowd which surely can't be a bad thing can it?