Fear Of A Black Kennett - Various - R*E*P*E*A*T Records

Review from Uncle Skank

The latest comp from Cambridge scene stalwarts R*E*P*E*A*T Records, bringing together the cream of the UK rock scene for this benefit for Love Music, Hate Racism. Starring bigger names like Asian Dub Foundation, King Adora, Kinesis and The Dawn Parade alongside new comers and soon to be great Virgin Suicides, Neo and Antihero.

The return of the brand new Miss Black America
is a welcome change. Shedding the angst ridden riffs of their debut EP, "Drowning In Numbers" has a more melodic feel to it. Some acoustic indie
work from Chris T-T with "7 Hearts" featuring some beautiful flute and dual vocals makes for some nice relaxed listening and wonderfully poppyindie

Blending some crazy electronic effects with blinding riffs are Antihero with "Who's Looking Out For #1?" which has a weird mid-90's feel to it but is nonetheless a great tune. Kneehigh deliver some hard riffs melded together with slow, light, tuneful vocals to produce "Doubledown" while The Exiles bring in their own unique and slightly bizarre form of indietacular rock with hints of big guns like The Rapture and Cooper Temple. I have to say I do really like this track and it's passion and straight up great music deserve some listening *hint*.

A bit of female voiced rock comes round with We Can Build You. When I say they remind me of
Pretty Girls Make Graves, it's not just the female vocals. The way the subtle guitars and the drums are almost blind to each other is the sort of
new song structure that matters these days-good stuff. The previously deleted track by King Adora is a welcome nostalgic return to form.
Delivering their prime sound blended with a sort of glam-punk vocals makes this a stand out track.

The start of Impact's 'Reaching Out" is
atmospheric to say the least, then when it opens up into this speed punk mash up they start to sound like a bizarre hardcore diversion band lost in a labyrinth of melody (I apologise for this entire review). Cosy Cosy have this 70's sound that is definitely helped along by the clapping and "yea yea yea yea's" A full on happy track this is ingenius and if there were more bands embracing the old school 80's style instead of this
melodic-emo-whatever, the world would be full of happy smiling faces.

From the 70's to the 80's with Corporation: Blend. Making use of electric keys and mixing it with this punkrock attitude really brings out the full effect of this song. Starting off with a slice of double bass pedal to launch into their punky tune "Die In America", Neo have a great style and sense to fuse their different sounds together and the end result is as exciting as it is

The final track by Asian Dub Foundation sums up the whole CD with this amazing song fusing together too many styles to list. This CD has
a lot of variety not just within the rock bracket.

Good music for a good cause. You have no excuse not to get this record.