As I write this through tears provoked by the news of recently departed Chad, my metal sign may be a bit limp but you'll be relieved to learn it's growing in strength every day. This demo certainly helps. Because it proves that, with or without their mighty bassist (sob, sob…), the three remaining 'Clyders, Jazz, Karlos and K, still have what it takes to rock like the big boys and then some. Anyone who's been to one of their shows for purposes other than to gawp at the be-sideburn-ed one centre stage (waaaaaaiiiiil) knows the drill by now. Grabbing you by your REO Speedwagon-inspired hairdo, RTC rodger you sideways to the soundtrack of the best of today's punk rock slash emo, unashamedly culminating in a crescendo of really manly manjuice. These local lads have been in Kerrang, they've been on XFM, they've probably been on you and they'd do it all again with no regrets. And with melodic, hard-hitting gems like "Come out fighting", "Magic bullet theory" and "My sweet hell" screaming obnoxiously for your attention, after a glimpse at the intensely compelling yet ultimately sweaty and pungent world of one of the finest of all hardworking new UK talent, it's no surprise that you're still begging for one more ride.

Anna C.