Princess Drive
"A Welcome Alternative To Filth And Violence" EP

The problem with current music, Princess Drive inform us, "Is not the lack of talent, nor opportunity, but the lack of conviction and belief that yes, three chords/a rhyme/an attitude can change everything for everyone". Princess Drive are not symptomatic of this problem. They have a mission, a manifesto, a meaning to their music, and they want to change the world.

They also have tunes. Their songs work with the method of noise assault, marrying grungey rock’n’roll to punk vocals and then swamping the whole thing under a wave of fuzz and clatter. The sneer-loaded vocals inhabit that familiar halfway point between singing and shouting, and though their mood is always angry the emotion never overwhelms the song - the two work together and there’s much merit here on both the musical and the manifesto fronts. It’s very young music, very impulsive and instinctive and extremely human and real. It’s refreshing, in a world of market-savvy concept and polished front, to come across a band who just point their guitars and aim for the finish line. Whose songs feel this instinctive and honest. There’s always room in my world for bands who play music because they’re driven to, rather than because they think it’ll make them cool and get them into clubs where the cocaine flows like tap water for those with a name on the It List. Long may Princess Drive continue to care this passionately.

From Drowned In Sound