Chris T-T 'Tomorrow Morning' / Cosy Cosy 'Dreive Drive'

REPEAT records unleash their latest missive on the unsuspecting music public; this is the label that has
brought us excellent offerings from Kinesis, The Virgin Suicides and Miss Black America. Again this single is to support the love music hate racism campaign and it's a beauty. Chris TT's Tomorrow morning is a gorgeously strummed folk/punk/ rock song; his wry words are augmented by his gorgeously melodic vocals. I'm reminded of Billy Bragg in the way TT manages to wring ever speck of emotion and wonder from his voice whilst he maintains a lyrical edge in his word play. Chris said "Tomorrow morning is about love, not a love song. It's supposed to be about reality TV in the verse then an 80s acid trip in the chorus. I think the Conan Doyle bit is the best two lines I've written." He is referring to the sparkling lines "As he faded into old age, Conan Doyle believed in fairies/ I fell in love on April fools day, I dug a hole so deep it scares me." Chris TT has a magical
talent for song writing.

Cosy Cosy were one of the last groups to be lauded by the much missed DJ John Peel, and you can understand why this Cambridge based girl/boy bangy wangy indie rriot girl outfit are ace. Scuzzy chords are aided by yelping mess of vocals and a real freshness of approach. Watch out for Cosy Cosy they are driving your way!

(BillCummings, God is in the TV webzine)