Attila the Stockbroker and Barnstormer- Baghdad Ska/Bomb Factory- Night Bus.

(R*E*P*E*A*T Records).

This is a split single to support the aims of the Love music hate Racism campaign. Its a really worthy cause that highlights the creativity and the really worthwhile political element of REPEATS DIY record releases.

Attila the Stockbroker has been spouting off his political brand of punk /rock /ska /poetry for twenty years or more now. This bitterly effective track deals with the occupation of Iraq from the viewpoint of a normal Iraqi. In these times of the war on terror it is a poignant reminder that there actually innocent civilians lives at risk down on the ground. His brand of music comes right out of the Ian Dury school of poetic ska all chopping chords, allied to poetic and amusing storytelling vocal tics. His lyrics strike right to the heart of the American occupation of Iraq and their so called war on terror. Beginning with the bitter: "Horay Horay for the USA/ Their soldiers took Sadam away / The Hospitals over flow with dead/ you said this was the only way." The gruesome " I went up to a solider the other day...I stood and watch his head explode/And all I could do was watch and pray/ and you said this was the only way." Then the tragic "I cry my own my countries tears all the dead all those years and in my agony I say their could have been another way their should have been another way." Its an excellently acidic attack upon everything that has happened since September the eleventh and brings to attention the plight of a forgotten people, the Iraqis themselves.

The bomb factories "Night Bus" is a pissed up, punked up tale of a "one way trip to nowhere" on a night bus. Its quite frankly a filthy story of a "masochists night out" full of drunks and druggies.

This track is Not quite my cup of tea as it doesn't attempt anything other than straight ahead old school in your face English punk rock.

Overall another good release from REPEAT that is well worth three pounds of anyone's money especially when they independently fly the flag against everything that is wrong about our world.(BillCummings).