Miss Black America- Beautiful Velocity / All I Want Is Out.(REPEAT Records).***

A terrible thing happened to Seymour Glass and his band mates from MBA they signed a deal that went dead, it destroyed their first album "God Bless MBA" release through a dearth of promotion. Everywhere they turned their album was disregarded or simply ignored, thus ensued a split out went the guitarist Gish and the rest of the band Seymour was left to pick up the pieces and form a new band out of the ashes of the old one. After a shaky start it seems that Seymour's talent is coming through in this new line up this split single shows them at their best Beautiful Velocity tugs at your heart strings beautiful melody is matched by spiky guitar line, even Seymour's sometimes whiny vocals are resplendent. The second single shows a contemplative side to the band with its gentle rhythm giving way to some nice lyrical melancholia.

We all need exciting characters in the music industry and Seymour is definitely one of those i for one believe his bands music deserves a wider ear.

(BillCummings, God is in the TV).