Miss Black America - Talk Hard

Talk Hard is a call to arms, with down-but-not-out guitars and a vocal which builds from plaintive to angry as singer Seymour Glass rants on the flaws of the education system and urges his audience to ignore the limits set on achievement. Eloquent and defiant, energetic and danceable - on the nights
when this appears on the radio it stands out like a diamond in a garbage heap.
5x5 is a far darker track and an uncomfortable one to listen to - a very personal and emotive lyric is backed by a sparse and tight melody, and the
whole song gives a sense of being likely to veer out of control at any moment despite the fact that the actual tune is controlled and doesn't
reflect the emotion in the lyrics. It's an amazing and intensely effective song, and very disquieting.
And final track I Am Not a Virgin simply rocks, with the combination of squalling guitars, plenty of force from the vocals and a throbbing bass-line
making the listener want to jump around frantically. As with the first track, it's one of those songs which can't help but remind you you're alive when you listen to it. We need more songs that do that.