Miss Black America and Cultural Ice Age are to release a limited edition single to coincide with the Love Music Hate Racism gig at Londons 100 Club.

The double A-side single, available on ludicrous yellow 7" vinyl with a hand-made sleeve, will be released on R*E*P*E*A*T Records/Backs on Monday 18th August, the day before the gig, and features Drowning By Numbers by MBA on one side and Reclusive Coma by Cultural Ice Age on the other; the catalogue number is MBRR 112. Itll also be on sale during the LMHR tour. Drowning By Numbers will also appear on R*E*P*E*A*Ts Love Music Hate Racism compilation, due for release in the autumn, which features exclusive tracks from King Adora, We Can Build You, Chris T-T, Impact, The Dawn Parade, The Exiles, Antihero, Kinesis, Corporation:Blend, Miss Black America vs. Tex La Homa and others tbc.

This is the first new MBA stuff to be released since the band parted company with Integrity Records last September, and the first to feature the new line-up. Seymour says the lyrics are "basically Miss Black America - the Vampire Years", and if youve seen it live youll probably know it as "The One With The Twin Guitars", "That Totally Kicks Ass", "Dude".

The flip is the debut release from Portsmouths psycho-sexual powerhouse punksters Cultural Ice Age; its a live favourite with their fanbase, and the highlight of their recent Survival of the Richest sampler. Or is that JUST WHAT THEY WANT YOU TO THINK?


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